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CDM Guidebooks


PDD Guidebook: Navigating the Pitfalls
(3rd edition)
(May 2011)
CDM Information and Guidebook
(3rd edition)
(March 2011)
A Primer on CDM Programme of Activities
(November 2009)

Spanish version

Handbook for PoAs - Practical Guidance to Successful Implementation
(May 2011)
Implementing CDM Projects:
Guidebook to Host Country Legal Issues
(August 2009)
PDD Guidebook: Navigating the Pitfalls - Second edition (April 2008)

Portuguese version

Guidebook to Financing CDM Projects
(May 2007)

French version
Russian version
Baseline Methodologies for CDM Projects (November 2005)
PDD Guidebook: Navigating the Pitfalls (November 2005)

Spanish version
French version
Wind Power and the CDM: Emerging practices in developing wind power projects for the Clean Development Mechanism
CDM Information and Guidebook
(2nd edition)

The CDM Information and Guidebook attempts to provide a comprehensive overview of the CDM, its project cycle and related issues such as linkage with sustainable development goals, financing and market intelligence. The appendices present frequently asked questions and answers, a short overview of existing guidelines, and a list of project categories which may be eligible for the CDM in the future.
Legal Issues Guidebook to the Clean Development Mechanism
The Guidebook aims at providing an in-depth analysis of the various types of risks associated with the different stages of the CDM project cycle and possible legal and contractual approaches that could be adopted to minimize these risks.
CDM Sustainable
Development Impacts

This guideline presents an operational approach to sustainable development in the context of CDM projects.
Institutional Strategy to
Promote the Clean Development Mechanism in Peru

This booklet aims to show how Peru has designed an institutional strategy to promote the CDM under a “national project cycle ” inspired by and complying with the international rules for the CDM.
Clean Development Mechanism

Cambodian (Khmer) version

Chinese version
French version
Korean version  cover
Japanese version   (Acrobat Japanese fonts required)
Russian version
Spanish version
Vietnamese version: part 1 , part 2  , part 3 , cover

Arabic (hard copy available on request)

Carbon Market Perspectives Series
CD4CDM Working Paper Series
Risoe DTU Climate Paper Series
CDM/JI pipeline
NAMA pipeline
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